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18th Judicial District



In Sedgwick County, district judges are elected in partisan elections. A term is four years. If a vacancy is created due to a death, resignation or retirement, the governor appoints a replacement. However, this judge must stand for election in the next election year. Below is a list of the judges that make up the 18th Judicial District Court:

2019 Judge Assignments

Last updated: 01/16/19

JudgeDepartmentDivisionLocationPhone (316)
Judge Bruce BrownCriminal108-2660-5610
Judge Eric CommerCivil286-1660-5628
Judge David DahlCriminal25-4660-5602
Judge Jeff DeweyFamily Law214-4660-5621
Judge James FleetwoodChief Judge1111-1660-5611
Judge Jeffrey GoeringCivil269-1660-5626
Judge Sean HatfieldFamily Law254-2660-5625
Judge Deborah Hernandez MitchellCivil229-3660-5622
Judge Michael HoelscherCivil / Drug Court199-2660-5619
Judge Philip JourneyFamily Law15-2660-5601
Judge David KaufmanCriminal157-2660-5615
Judge Greg KeithJuvenile31900 E. Morris660-5603
Judge Linda KirbyFamily Law174-1660-5617
Judge Richard A. MacíasJuvenile81900 E. Morris660-5608
Judge Christopher MaganaCriminal97-1660-5609
Judge Faith MaughanCivil1810-3660-5618
Judge Kevin O'ConnorCriminal138-1660-5613
Judge Terry PullmanCriminal166-2660-5616
Judge Tyler RoushFamily Law244-5660-5624
Judge Robb RumseyProbate41900 E. Morris660-5604
Judge Seth RundleCriminal55-5660-5605
Judge Kevin SmithJuvenile121900 E. Morris660-5612
Judge Jeffrey SyriosCriminal2710-2660-5627
Judge Steve TernesCriminal2010-4660-5620
Judge Patrick WaltersJuvenile141900 E. Morris660-5614
Judge Eric WilliamsCriminal65-3660-5606
Judge Rodger WoodsTraffic and First Appearances75-1660-5607
Judge William WoolleyCivil2310-1660-5623